Prostitutes Take Jobs From Danes!

I live in America where insightful commentators like Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh or the Tea Party have been warning the American people for years that once immigrants are allowed in your country that take away jobs from God-fearing Americans. After all, if them Mexican wetback illegals were not in the USA, the rest of us would have jobs picking strawberries or working down at the meat plant cutting up he carcass or cleaning up garbage from the streets. Just when I was dying to get a good job picking peaches, the illegals arrived and took the job from me. Now, we have hard statistics from Sweden which conclusively prove that allowing immigrants to enter your country means that decent hard working native born people lose their jobs. Latest figures from Denmark reveal HALF OF ALL PROSTITUTES IN THE COUNTRY ARE FOREIGNERS!! Over 1,000 women plying their wares on the streets of Danish towns are from eastern Europe, 900 from Thailand, and about 300 are Africans. What further proof is needed that we need to close our borders to immigrants!

I believe it is disgraceful that native born Danish girls are not out on the streets of Copenhagen at night earning a decent wage. I say, return the streets of Copenhagen to Danish women who are selling Danish bodies to Danish men! Send those other women back to where they came from!