Protect Soldier Students!

It is nice to know that Republicans and Democrats can unite to fight for new legislation in our nation. A coalition of Democrats and Republicans asked the Defense Department to back off on new rules designed to protect members of the military who take college courses. According to new guidelines, the Defense Department is asking colleges to: (1) be flexible about transfer of academic credit for those enrolled in a program; (2) allow students to request academic credit for military training, (3) allow greater flexibility for full time residence requirements since soldiers are constantly on the move. The 52 Senators claim these guidelines restrict the rights of colleges.

The proposed guidelines are reasonable. How can one expect a member of the military to fulfill residence requirements since they can be reassigned at any moment. If one accepts a member of the military into an academic program, there must be flexibility concerning residency. The same holds true for transfer of credit.  They are in the military, for God’s sake, they move around. It makes common sense to allow flexibility for transfer of credit.

The operational word is, “flexibility,” not a “demand!”