Protect The “Jewish State”

Let me make clear from the beginning that what I write is in NO way comparing actions of the Israel government to actions of Nazi Germany. Israel’s detention of refugees and asylum seekers is NOT a modern version of the Holocaust. That issue is not what concerns this blog. Israel leaders are furious at attempts by people from Africa to seek refuge in their land. Thousands are fleeing from war torn areas of Africa in hope they can find work and safety in Israel. There are about 53,000 refugees in a nation of over five million people. Israelis forget that PRIOR to the Holocaust, thousands of Jews attempted to flee Germany and seek refuge in other countries. Opponents of their requests used the exact same comment how refugees “pose a threat to the state’s Jewish character” only in the 1930s it was Jewish refugees who posed a threat to the Christian character of France or Belgium or England.

A UN Refugee agency now charges Israel for violation of international law by holding refugees in detention for at least a year or more without any legal opportunity for refugees to argue they need asylum from terrorism in their native land. During the 1930s, those who fought for protection of the rights of Jews argued for aiding those in need of refuge. Today, it is Jews who deny others protection against death. By the way, what exactly is the “Jewish character?” I was taught that to be a Jew meant one respected human dignity and aided those seeking escape from death.