Protect US From Aliens!

The Obama administration, like the Bush administration, has resorted to the cry of “national security” in order to justify any silly desire or to offer evidence in “protecting” our fair land from “the enemy.” A conference called to analyze implications of data obtained from the Kepler project has resulted in Republican Congressman Frank Wolf assuming control of a science conference. He has demanded that NASA not allow any Chinese person to set foot in the conference on grounds of “national security.” The ban includes Chinese students who attend American universities! It also includes international teams of scientists and, I assume, any aliens seeking entry.There are reports that aliens from the planet of XUL will be barred from any sessions on grounds of “national security.”

Professor Geoff Marcey, a noted scientist who is up for a Nobel prize terms this action “completely shameful and unethical.” Many scientists will not attend. There are reports their places will be filled by members of the Tea Party. The topic is about planets trillions of miles away and the Obama administration no doubt supports the nut cases in Congress on grounds of ‘NATIONAL SECURITY’