Protecting US Troops Against Pornography Jihad!

There apparently are those who do not recognize the important battle being waged on the American home front to protect our fighting men and women from potential dangers that are posed by forces of pornography. Many anti-pornography groups are alarmed that formerly banned Penthouse and Playboy are now back on the shelves in PX newstands throughout the world! For some reason US military leaders actually believe their immature fighting men and women can not actually figure out for themselves what to read or look at in the privacy of their own minds. The House Armed Services Committee has plunged into the fray and is demanding new, specific guidelines for the body that will determine which sexual materials will be allowed on military bases.

The current Pentagon policy has established a review board which over the past ten years has reviewed 473 titles and determined 319 to be sexualy explicit and therefore not appropriate to be sold on military bases. Congress seeks a more narrow definition as to what constitutes “sexually explicit.”

A war is raging in Iraq and Afghanistan and there are people in the American military leadership who are worried about “sexually explicit” material! I hate to inform these individuals who seek to waste time and money but any member of the military can obtain sexually explicit material if they so desire. Pssst… one can order a subscription through the mail!!

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