Protest Arrest Of Serbian “Hero” Ratko Mladic

Thousands of Serbian gathered to protest the arrest of Ratko Mladic who was responsible for the death of a few Bosnians during wars in the 1990s. Most protesters regarded Mladic as a Serbian version of Martin Luther King since he assume the task of freeing his people from the possible rule by Muslims by killing the Muslims. OK, so a few thousand Muslim women were raped and brutalized, but, they were ibkt Bosnians, not really humans. Serbians who love Nazis type folk like Mladic believe there are good Serbians and there are bad Bosnians. They are simply White Citizen Council type folk like we had –still have- who believe there are the right people and the wrong people. Serbian protesters tore up the city, shot arms in the air in Nazi salutes and proved to the world that haters of humans reside in the nation of Serbia.

Only a sick and dehumanized individual would shoot arm in the air and give a Nazi salute. Ironically, the Nazis tortured, brutalized and killed Serbians during World War II so what better way to show respect for ancestors than to hail those who killed them?

  • Stefan

    What bullshit propaganda we were against Nacist always maybe you don’t know who were Cetnik and Partisans they are proud of our nation who defended and kill Nazist unlike Croatian and Bosnian muslams who supported Nazisam and who trow nazi salut you this is clear propaganda is like Saying that Russia love Hitler who killed 24 million of Russians and about Mladic he defended his people from same Bosnian muslam ex nacist who burened and tourtured all non muslams in Serb Bosnia