Protest at Estonian Embassy Called Off

Two youth groups called off their proposed protest at the Estonian Embassy in Moscow since the Russian government had sent diplomats to Estonia. They were expressing the deep seated feeling of most Russian people at the actions of the Estonian government in taking down a famous bronze statue of Russian troops which had been erected after World War II to symbolize the efforts of the former Soviet Union in defeating Nazi invaders. However, the youth groups vowed to continue efforts to fight against Estonian discrimination against Russians in their nation.

The Estonian Embassy staff has been assaulted when they leave the building. A student emphasized: “We demand an apology and the return of the statue.” The Russian government has placed restrictions on shipment of oil to Estonia and dispatched diplomats to negotiate return of the statue. Estonians dislike the Russian occupation of their nation from 1940-1990s and have imposed discriminatory laws against Russians who migrated to their nation while it was under Soviet occupation.
Information from The Moscow Times