Protest Publicly In Own Home!

United Russia is a political party in the nation of Russia. It understands the role of a political party in Putinland is to carry out the wishes, the desires and needs of our wonderful all knowing glorious leader, Vladimir of the Putin. United Russia deputy, Alexander Sidyakin is very annoyed. There are actually people in Putinland who do not like our beloved leader! So, Alexander has a solution to this problem. He introduced a bill that would heavily fine or send to jail those who repeatedly take to the streets to protest against our Leader. Alexei Navalny, a well known opponent of Putin has his blog blocked and so do others with the weird idea there are alternative ideas to those of Vladimir Putin!

According to Alexander, it would be a serious crime to “damage human life or property” It is quite clear when people are in the streets shouting bad words, it hurts the health of those who believe in Vladimir as the all-Wise one in Russia. So, to ensure health and happiness in Putinland,k please organize your protests in your homes!