Protest Without Permission A Crime

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the people of Egypt rose up in anger against their military government in order to create a new government that would be based upon democratic principles. After all, after five thousand years of life under a “government” it seemed logical to take a shot at this thing termed, “democracy.” This thing termed, “democracy” entailed something termed, “elections,” so one was held. A man named Mohamed Morsi gained the most votes, and since he had lived in the United States of America. When asked to select from the American or the Muslim Brotherhood model, Morsi abandoned democracy and choose the totalitarian norm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The end result was another rebellion by “protesters” and this time the military was on their side. Protests were held, the military regained power and they had learned the lesson or cracking down quickly at leaders of protests and sending them to jail-where they would meet Morsi and his followers.

Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douman, and Mohamed Adil were just sentenced to three years in jail. Why? They were among the leaders who protested against Morsi and then against the military which seized power after Morsi. Heba MOrayet of the Human Rights Watch said” we haven’t seen such high profile activists actually sentenced to such lengthy sentences.” As the sentences were read, people in the courtroom shouted: “down with military rule.”

You can expect further trials of activists.