Protesters Block Wall Street

Once upon a time in America there was a Republican president named Theodore Roosevelt who thundered against the malefactors of wealth on Wall Street. He called for strict regulation of corporations in order to prevent them from abusing the rights of  Americans. Once upon a time in America there was a Democratic president named Franklin D. Roosevelt who from his inaugural speech on blasted Wall  Street for its selfishness and its destruction of the American economy. That was then, today is now we have a Democratic president named Barack Obama who never met a hedge fund operator from whom he could not solicit funds.

A few thousand people blocked off Wall Street– or should we say–Greed  Street- in hopes of sending their message about those working on this avenue of disregard for America that it was time to cease just focusing on creating dollars rather than on creating jobs. As one person commented about Wall Street folk: “blood sucking warmongers.” Nor further comment.