Protesters, Please Be Polite!

Thousands of people have demonstrated in the streets if Moscow concerning their demand for a democratic society-Now! Boris Titov, a leader of the business community is rather upset. “The most important point for citizen activism should not lead to political instability which would be a negative scenario. Dialogue is needed as the basis of reason and intelligence and not of emotion and political ambition.”

Let me get this straight. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who controls the government, the media, and the electoral process is determined to be elected as president. If anyone is guilty of “political ambition,” it certainly is the ex-KGB agent.

Titov does not wish protesters to rush “into political liberalization.” He wants them to “think everything through and allow conditions to mature.” I get it, when Putin completes his latest twelve year run at running the country, MAYBE, he will allow someone else to be the president. Just have patience.