Protesters Protest But Others Protest The Prostests!

It increasingly is clear that most Wall Street types simply do not like their days interrupted by stories of starving people or students who cannot pay back their loans. Latest reports indicate fewer Wall Street folk are giving money to Barack Obama and more of their money is headed for Mitt  Romney. In all honesty, one must admit they openly will not express support for the idiotic Herman Cain  9-9-9 although in their hearts he is the man of the hour. Those who attack and ridicule Wall Street apparently do not understand how difficult is the process of receiving a billion dollar bonus and figuring out how to use it so no such thing as a “tax” will be laid upon this money. Such taxes violate the laws of God and Nature.

I feel sorry for those with millions or billions who must suffer the outrageous stings of anger directed at their families. Sometimes, I think, this poor suffering people are simply enduring what Jews in death camps had to confront-anger and hate for no other reason than that they were Jews, only in this case, just because they work on Wall Street.  Does not a Wall Street billionaire cry, does not a Hedge Fund manipulator have to endure riding on subways with smelly poor people?

I think anyone who is really a good Christian or Jew or Muslim will step back, listen to God, and utter praise for those who impoverish us. Look at it this way: Wall  Street folk  take our money which means we have to learn to do with less. They are simply teaching us morality. God Bless Them!