Protestors Bare All

A group of young attractive women in the Ukraine have introduced a new twist on protesting, bare all to show the world, not only do you fear revealing all, but you intend to boast about the beauty of the female figure. AS Anna Hutsul puts it: “if sexuality is used to sell cars and cookies, why not use it for social and political projects. Sometimes you need to show your breasts for ideological reasons.” The group first got their idea at a pajama party and soon took off to show the world what they believe in. They fight against prostitution, for women rights, and freedom of speech. Of course, they openly admit that many times they “just want to show our bodies.” The group’s top activist, Inna Shevchenko is open about her beliefs: “We have our body, our sexuality, and we can combine it with brains, with ambitions, with achieving our goals, serious goals.”

This is an intriguing idea. Suppose members of the US Congress had to bare all, their bodies, their bank accounts, and what passes for their brains? I have a hunch seeking Sarah Palin naked would be enough to even make her followers gasp. As for showing her brains, maybe, Sarah is better off showing her boobs. After all, she is the top boob in the Republican party.