Protests For 900 Deaths-Silence For Five Million!

The death of a single human to violence is one too many, the death of 900 is a terrible event, but the death of five million humans without voices being raised in protest is obscene. The world is witness to protests over the death of 900 Palestinians during the carnage that has enveloped Gaza in wake of the Israeli attack to halt rocket attacks. However, there are no world wide protests at the death of 5,000,000 people in the Congo. There are no crowds waving signs saying “we are all Congolese,” but there are numerous ones saying, “we are all Palestinians.” How does one account for this double standard of concern? Is it that those being killed in the Congo are not the result of Jewish hands? Is it because those being killed have black skins?

This writer has always been fascinated how European intellectuals will call for boycotts of Israeli academic institutions but never say a word about boycotting those in Zimbabwe where over 1,700 already have died of cholera nor will they urge boycott of Iranian institutions whose government is blatantly anti-female, anti-gay, and anti-free speech. Israel has responded to a Hamas provocation in a manner that goes beyond what the response should have been. Yes, Hamas placed weapons in schools and mosques but bombing them knowing innocent men, women and children will die is inexcusable.

The Congo has never captured the interest of celebrities or governments. It is a land faraway inhabited by people whose skins are dark colored and while their land possesses wealth it somehow has never captured the interest of those who portray themselves as concerned for human rights. One can only wonder what it would take to make their deaths of interest to intellectuals who love marching in protests against oppression. If I may be sarcastic for a moment, would it help the people of the Congo if they imported members of the Israel Defense Force to kill a few and get intellectuals to march in parades with signs saying, “we are all Congolese?”