Protests In Egypt, But Against Whom?

They poured into the streets of Cairo shouting words of protest against the Egyptian military which is manipulating the electoral process in order to ensure the president of their nation will support those who lead the armed forces. For the first time in months, secular and  religious groups marched together, but  this time those who seek a democratic Egypt that is not controlled by clerics are wondering if they should be supportive of their religious allies.

Mohammed Abahazeedi, a secular minded Egyptian made clear his misgivings of working with religious fanatics. “The (Muslim) Brotherhood are here for the throne, that’s all.  We tried them before and they rode the revolution and the blood of the martyrs.” In other words, the MB wants power for themselves, not for all Egyptians. They want to introduce variations on Sharia law which would be repressive for Christians.

Today, the protest is against the military, tomorrow the protests will be agains the Muslim Brotherhood. We don’d doubt the MB will be killing protesters–just like the military.