Proud Of Murders Says Brother

Mohamed Merah went on a murderous spree during which he killed several innocent people, including children. His brother, Abdelkader, is “proud” of what Mohamed accomplished during his brief period of life. In fact, brother Abdelkader is so proud that he also has explosives in his car and did help his brother to steal a scooter. It  is always true that regardless of how terrible the crime, there will be those who empathize with murderers rather than victims.

The history of the 20th century is replete with stories of such men who just adore someone who killed children and innocent people because the crime was done in the name of some great idea.

It is also true that whenever a mass murderer is captured some politician takes the credit. Of course, if the murderer is not caught it is the fault of police officials.  President Sarkozy got a nice bump in  polls because police caught the bad guy and apparently two-thirds of French people give their president credit for not doing anything but basking in the glory of those who did something. Ah, the human condition