Proud To Be Ukranian??

Marina Lewycka, recently wrote a piece concerning her views about her former land of the Ukraine and those who inhabit its environs. She wondered if having connections to the country of Ukraine forced one into a position of  embarrassment. My father left the Ukraine in 1918 during the Russian revolution. He was up against the wall to be shot when a friendly boy in the firing squad recognized the Jewish boy and prevented his execution. Thus, while I agree with many comments made by Ms. Lewycka about fascist thugs in the Ukraine, I also know there are good people.

Ukrainian football fans have  won a reputation for being open racists who insult black skinned players, yell out anti-Semitic comments and beat up those from Asian or African backgrounds. Of course, anti-Semitism was common among many Urkanians who helped the Nazis to kill Jews during WWII. However, I still believe there are many decent Ukrainains and they should be the ones who represent their country.

After all, I live in the United States of America which currently is overwhelmed by bigots and racists. Oh, they call themselves, the Tea Party!