Prove You Are Gay Or Face Serious Consequences

Service in the armed forces is compulsory in Turkey although anyone who is gay or lesbian can request an exemption from serving in the military. Naturally, military leaders want to make certain no one is lying who claims to have a different sexual orientation than most Turks. After all, allow people claiming to be gay and lesbian and who knows what next they will be claiming– pacifism? There are reports those making a claim to be gay or lesbian are asked to provide photographic evidence or a video which depicts them in the act of homosexuality. One can only assume that if anyone is seeking to get access to the best porno site in the world, just visit headquarters of the Turkish army. Of course, if gays and lesbians must provide proof, why shouldn’t this principle be extended. For example, if someone claims to be emotionally disturbed, shouldn’t they provide a video clip of them throwing a tantrum or going through an emotional outburst?

On the other hand, it gets difficult when one claims to have a limp since anyone can limp. Why not make certain by breaking the other leg that doesn’t have a limp and that guarantees a limp one way or another. Or, for those with a heart problem, let them provide proof of the breakup with their girl friend that led to the heart problem. I certainly would hope the army makes certain no one has HIV– just inject them with it. Better to be safe.