Provocation For Murder?

Thieu Khn Tran decided to visit his estranged wife in hope they could resolved their problems. He arrived at her apartment to find wife and another man in bed and engaged in some love making. Thieu became furious, stabbed the man to death and wounded his wife. At his court case Thieu argues the provocation of discovering a wife in bed with another man justified his extreme behavior. This got me to thinking about all the ways people provoke me and whether I have a right to resort to violent behavior:

1. A heck of my money vanished due to acts by Wall Street folk. Now, they get a large bonus while I work my butt off. I figure these guys have provoked me. At least I should have the right to strip them naked and whip their sorry ass butts.

2. Sarah Palin makes one idiotic remark after another which arouses anxiety in my heart and mind at the thought this moron might get elected president. I have been provoked. In all fairness, I should be allowed to imprison Sarah for twenty years in a library where she is compelled to read books.

3. George Bush really got me furious at the nutty invasion of Iraq. I am provoked because it caused me ulcers. I think, in all fairness, I should be allowed to make certain George is locked in a hotel room for eternity along with Saddam Hussein, Don Rumsfeld, and Osama bin Laden.

4. Dick Cheney hovers in my mind compelling me to think rationally. He provokes every moral fiber in my body. I should have the right to force Dick to be a teacher in an Iraq high school for twenty years.

5. Barack Obama has been the most gutless leader of the Democratic party in a century. Just about every day I feel fury how his failure to lead has damaged this nation. I should be allowed to compel Barack Obama to spend the next ten years as the Tea Party’s chief lobbyist in Washington D.C.