Provoke Government -Go To Jail

Every so often I wish the United States of America had a leader like Vladimir Putin in Russia. Critics of Putin wind up in a law court facing charges they insulted the Great Leader and in Russia, there is no more horrid crime then claiming the Great Leader is not a Great Leader. Prosecutors informed the media that Alexi Navainy is going to jail because he will not shut up about his dislike of the Great Leader. “When someone uses all energy to bring attention to himself” and “provokes the government” it makes certain that a trial will be accelerated in order to rid the nation of those who cast aspersions on our Great Leader.

If only  we employed the Putin rule in America:

1. Michele Bachmann would be rotting in some cell where she spends her day studying the life of Barack Obama in order to learn where he really was born.

2. Newt Gringrich would be sitting in a first grade classroom studying the history of America. Honest Newt, the GOVERNMENT built roads, canals, placed tariffs on foreign goods to aid the American business community.

3. Rick Perry would be standing in a corner of a second grade classroom in order to learn the multiplication table.

4. Mitt Romney would be compelled to give his famous speech about “those people” to audiences across the nation.