Pseudo Jews Banned From Banning!

It becomes increasingly clear there are people currently living in the state of Israel who pretend to be Jews, but, in reality,  represent the anti-Jew. The nation of Israel was created as one in which democratic principles would be the foundation of government. Over the past fifteen years some people in the Knesset who claim to be Jews have attempted to deny democratically elected  members to be a part of the governing body. Haneen Zoabi, an elected member of the Knesset was banned by fellow members from running for re-election because she participated in seeking to provide aid to Gaza residents. The boats which were part of the flotilla  were NOT carrying any weapons of war, but they were halted.

Fortunately, for the people of Israel, its Supreme Court continues to be filled with Jews who believe in democracy and they lifted the ban on Ms. Zoabi. The only violence was provided by pseudo Jews who yelled at her and forced a member of Parliament to run for her life.  Prejudice against those who disagree is the antithesis of what Jews have fought to create in this world.

We apologize to all Israel Arabs for the behavior of these individuals who certainly are not Jewish!