Psst, Got $50 -Get Newt!

Newt Gingrich has come up with a new approach to campaigning for the presidential nomination. He is willing to allow any potential voter to stand next to him, have a picture taken of you by his side and this all can be had for the small sum o$50.  Imagine what you can tell grandchildren–I have a photo of a man named Newt Gingrich and he ran for the presidency in 2012! Wow! OK, OK, so he is a rather short, chubby man, and his hair has turned white, but if you read anything he has ever written it is clear this is a  man who towers over all others in terms of intelligence.

This idea might spread:

Get your picture taken with Rick Santorum under the photo of the Pope.

Get your picture taken with Rick Perry at a shooting gallery. And, you can face off against him with REAL bullets!

Get your photo with Sarah Palin in her kitchen as she feeds the kids.

Get your photo with Mitt Romney who is facing a mirror in order to give you two versions of who is Mitt.