Psycho On Subway

The greatest con  played on the American people is the “right” to carry guns in public. There are those who even defend carrying weapons into churches or schools, “because our Founding Fathers wanted it that way.” As I recall, even Western pictures show the Marshall requiring men to check their guns with him when entering the town. Reggie Allen is from the great state of South Carolina which allows guns, bombs, missile launchers and whatever in order to  allow people to “defend themselves.” After all, it a  terrorist wanted to fire a missile, shouldn’t I have the right to also fire one?

Reggie was on a trip to New York City when he entered a subway station, became confused with the prospect of paying money to get on the subway and simply hopped over the turnstiles. When police arrested him, they discovered he had a machine gun and a handgun. Reggie insisted he had 2nd Amendment rights to carry weapons any damn place he wanted. Reggie was arrested and booked. I guess everyone has the right to carry weapons on subway trains.

If you doubt that is a right, read the Constitution where it says people canbring their guns to church.