PTSD A Major Problem Claims RAND Study

A new study by the RAND corporation concludes over three hundred thousand veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from major depression or post traumatic stress disorder as a result of serving in combat zones. “There is a major health crisis facing these m en and women who hae seerved our nation in iraq and Afghanistan,” says Terri Tanielian, the project’s main researcher. This study appears consistent with a similar study conducted by the Pentagon although its conclusions have yet to be released to the public.

The RAND study warns, “unless they(veterans)receive appropriate and effectve care for these mental health conditions, there will be long-term consequences across the country, from all branches of the armed forces and including those still in the mllitary as well as veterans who have left the service.”

We constantly hear reports by the Bush administration about the “cost of the war” but never included in those figures is the post war cost to individuals and to the nation by compelling men and women to constantly return to combat.