Public Enemy No. 1

There are misguided people who actually believe tyrants such as Muammar Gaddafi or the Taliban pose threats to the United States of America, ah, how foolish. Governor Walker or Wisconsin and Governor Christie of New Jersey know who are the secret plotters seeking to destroy the United States— TEACHERS! These lazy, shiftless individuals live off the fat of our land while failing to even educate our children in basic fundamentals such as reading, writing and arithmetic. For some reason, these enemies of the nation actually believe they are entitled to receive a pension after retiring. Of course, having a pension, in itself is a luxury in modern times since business now understands it does not have to give workers anything other than a weekly paycheck, and a small one at that. Walker and Christie argue public employees are wrecking the fiscal bottom line of state governments and this must be halted. Of course, Walker and Christie do not see anything wrong with reducing business taxes which add to state debts. Let me explain in simple English:

1. A dollar spent to provide support for public employee benefits is actually worth–$25 in additional costs to the state.

2. A dollar given to business organizations in tax deductions adds up to REDUCING our state debt.

Obviously, it makes fiscal sense ending taxes for the wealthy and making public employees pay the entire cost of their pension.