Puff Goes Terror In Beirut

It was early in the morning of December 26 in Beirut, Lebanon, and people were headed to work. Suddenly, a huge explosion was heard and a giant ball of fire emerged along with palls of black smoke and some restaurants just disappeared from sight. A car containing former Minister Mohamad Chatah along with four companions vanished in the explosion of horror. The previous evening he had sent a tweet which said the following words: “Hezbollah is pressing hard to be granted similar power in security and foreign policy matters that Syria exercised in Lebanon for 15 years.” Mr. Chatah had become known of a critic of President Bahar al-Assad in Syria and thus, as far as Hezbollah is concerned, means he must die. The Syrian disease has spread to neighboring Lebanon and its inhabitants must become involved in the horror that now unfolds in that land without hope for its future.

Syria has passed beyond the time when it was possible to resolve conflicting groups, each of whom was convinced that if the other side won, then it was midnight for their interests. The virus of hate and destruction is spreading throughout the Middle East and no doctors are in sight to halt or cure this disease. Whether it is Egyptian military leaders or Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the answer is always the same, fight fire with fire. Alas, Mandela is dead and there is no modern Mandela, At least not, in the Middle East.