Puff The Magic Dragon Can Blow Up Iran!

The government of Iran continues to deny their nuclear program has encountered any problems due to outside interference in system controls. Of course, any dictatorial regime will deny and those who work in it will deny reality, because the last thing any petty leader wants to hear is that something has gone wrong. Several experts insist a virus known as Stuxnet has penetrated the systems in Bshehr nuclear facilities and their presence is difficult for technicians to control. Their screens may show that everything is functioning according to normal, but the virus is winding its way throughout the system. Some fear there is the possibility that once the entire system gets operational the virus may be sitting within awaiting the signal to go on line and the result might be another Chernobyl nuclear explosion that could result in the deaths of thousands in Iran. If such a disaster occurred it is difficult to ascertain the reaction of President Ahmadinejad who would be tremendously embarrassed and might order retaliation against Israel. This could unleash another serious war in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, Ahmadinejad is incapable of rational thought and will continue on his appointment with disaster for his nation.