Pullback In Iraq– Yes Or NO?

General Odierno, the top American military commander in Iraq, insists the June 30th date for pullback of US forces from urban areas will proceed as planned. He is “absolutely committed” to pulling back those troops from combat areas in Iraq cities. Under the Iraq-US security pact, American combat forces must withdraw by June 30th and all US forces should be out of Iraq by 2011. The old saying about “the best laid plans of men” might arise to be a hindrance to this wonderful plan. According to the plan, there will be no American combat missions unless requested by Iraq authorities.

Of course, the history of military withdrawals does not preclude the possibility something might arise which could prevent the Iraq mission from proceeding as scheduled. The Maliki government has so far failed to create a unity government and its Sunni minority believes that promises to integrate its fighters into the Iraq army have not been carried out. Suppose, just suppose, the Sunni fighters decided to once again resort to hit-and-run tactics including bombings in cities. Would this result in requests for American forces to return to the cities? We are asking.