Puppet Talks Back To Master

Every so often, President Dimitry Medvedev makes comments that indicate he is rebuking his puppet master, Prime Minister Vladmir Putin. Ordinarily, he behaves like the good puppet that he is supposed to do which means allowing Putin to speak for the government of Russia even though Medvedev is the president of the country. A few months ago he dared to hint that Putin crossed the line of behavior by stating no one should say jailed Yukos tycoon Khodorkovsky was guilty even before the judge rendered a decision. Yesterday, the president made clear he did not agree with Putin that the Domededvo airport bombing had been solved. Putin had told the media when asked about any clues regarding the bombing, that “we can take it on the whole that the case has been solved.” Of course it has not even though Putin wants to blame people from the Caucus region of being responsible. Medvedev emphasized the case has not been solved and officials should remain silent until it is.

At some point, if Dimitry Medvedev wants to be president of the nation, he has to act as though he IS the president and not the side-kick of Putin.