Putin And Bush Continue Disagreeing

Presidengt Vladmir Putin and President George Bush met but were unable to resolve differences between the two nations over the conroversial American led proposal to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. The Russian leader told reporters: “I want to be understood correctly. Strategically, no changes happened in our…attitude to U.S plans.” George Bush insists the United States needs to build missile bases in eastern Europe in order to protect Europe from possible Iranian or North Korean missile attacks. His logic makes no sense since there is absolutely no evidence either the Iranian or North Korean governments have any desire to launch an attack on the European Union. Putin is absolutely correct, the only logical foe would be Russia and it has no desire for war. This is merely a continuation of the misguided Bush policy of creating problems where none exist.

Members of the European Union should have dismissed this insane and worthless American effort which is designed to fight against no one over no reasons.