Putin Blasts His Own Party!

President Vladmir Putin came out swinging against his own party — United Russia– claiming he had joined it because he “didn’t have anything better.” The president asked: “What is United Russia then? Is it an ideal political organization? Of course not. The party has no stable political ideology or pinciples for which the overwhelming majority of its members ware ready to fight (for).” However, Putin made it clear that the expected victory of United Russia in upcoming elections for the Duma gave him a “moral right” to have a dominant influence in Russian politics. He refused to make clear what he meant by having an “influence” in the political life of Russia once his term as president concludes.

President Putin, undoubtedly, is bothered by having to spend his precious time even talking or negotiating with people in political parties. Perhaps, he would feel more comfortable if Russia would simply do away with the irksome presence of political parties and voting and elections and simply allow the man to do his job– running the country his way. The old KGB mentality of Putin continues cropping up when discussions concerning democracy get raised.