Putin-Bush — Is Their Conflict Really Over?

President Bush enjoys pushing his ideas in a rather aggressive manner as was evident during the recent NATO meeting in Rumania. He pushed for admittance of the Ukraine and Georgia into NATO despite opposition from leading European nations to this move which they regarded as unnecesarily hostile to the Russian government. President Putin had on his pleasant face during the meeting even though he was furious at the American plan for missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. In one of his encounters with the American president, Putin commented, “do ou understand, George, the Ukraine is not even a state?” Putin hinted if the Ukraine joined NATO, the nation of the Ukraine might not continue existing as a viable state.

George Bush wanders through the world believing he is in full possession of information and this attitude more often than not eventually results in disaster. President Putin is perfectly capable of encouraging a secession element of Russians who live in the eastern area of the Ukraine which would divide the nation. If push comes to shove, the Russian leader might play his card of secession.