Putin-Bush, Two Men Walking Road To Nowhere

Two men wearing identical blue suits chatted about various topics of interest pertaining to world peace but when it got down to agreeing on anything of substance, they retreated into an exchange of pleasantries. At best, President Putin of Russia could exclaim; “What is most important is the strtegic choice by our countries in favor of a constructive dialog.” President Bush met the new Russian president, Dimitry Medvedev and concluded, the Russian was a “smart fellow” who was not being pushy and asserting him self too quickly. However, the two leaders were unable to agree on the major topic of America’s desire to build missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. The Russians regard such installations as a provocative action which poses a threat to their security.

President Bush insists the United States has the right to “protect ourselves” against whom or what is still unclear. The only clear fact emerging from this meeting is it was between two men who possess a rather large ego. Hopefully, a new Americn president can work toward more concrete results with President Medvedev sometime next year.