Putin Cheats Again, Wins Again

Vladimir Putin likes to win elections. In fact, he likes to win so much that he  decided to have election results come in prior to counting of ballots. After all, we don’t want to keep people in doubt, just print the final tally before you have the final  tally. Inital election results indicate Vladimir gained about 3% of the vote. Of course, there are sore losers who complain  that his people counted the ballots in such a way as to guarantee his victory. One   opponent shouted, “the campaign has been cowardly” and unfair.

Thousands of sore losers gathered on the streets of Moscow to  show their displeasure  at the Putin “victory.” They helf aloft signs saying, “Shame” or “Russia Without Putin.” The independent  election watchdog, Golos said its figures indicate the election was  close and Putin  got nearly 50% of the vote.

So, who would you  believe– Putin or Golos?