Putin Considers Working With Obama

After eight years of dealing with the likes of George Bush, Russian Prime Minister Putin would most likely welcome anyone who shows the slightest inclination to have a brain in his head so it is not surprising he is pondering the future with Barack Obama. Putin said he closely followed the election and Obama seems to come across as a “sincere and open” man, but the future is still not clear. “It is my deepest belief that the most bitter disappointments usually arise from excessive expectations. We need to see what happens in practice.” He also made clear that Obama has to end the missile program in Poland and the Czech Republic before the United States and Russia can have good relations.

Putin’s comments are ironic since they are exactly the ones most Russians could say about him as a leader of Russia. There were high hopes when he took office, and the ensuing years have witnessed the erosion of democracy. Obama most likely will work to end the Cold War that Bush policies created with Russia.