Putin Continues Controlling Presidential Election

President Putin over the past few years has increasingly extended his control over the media in order to further the goals of his party, United Russia. He already has the power to decide on governors by ending their direct election. Andrei Pisarev, an advisor to his party was appointed to supervise the election coverage of the upcoming presidential election. Pisarev has already supervised the Putin directed United Russia campaign which promoted Russian culture and nationalism in an effort to thwart such efforts by opposing groups. As opposition political leader, Sergei Mitrokhn put it: “It is the Kremlin’s approval of nationalist ideology.”

Putin has maintained a tight control over Russia and undoubtedly halted the potential of further disintegration of the nation. But, it has come at a price — the price of having opposing views heard and the emergence of powerful opposing political parties. There is little doubt Pisarev’s role will be exerting tight control over campaign coverage to ensure that United Russia candidates are heart while opposing views never get heard.