Putin Cover Up

The good news from Russia is that if anyone is a friend of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Vladimir Putin he is safe from jail as well as safe from paying necessary taxes. Vladimir looks after his friends and that is why he is in possession of wonderful houses to live in and a large saving accounts worth hundreds of millions. A new  report from the Council of Europe dealing with the death of tax investigator, Sergei Magnitsky pinpoints the murder of a  man whose only crime was discovering a crime. The report blames Moscow authorities who mounted “belated, sluggish, and contradictory” investigations by the tax specialist who had uncovered crimes totaling $230 million by those in the Russian government. He was arrested by the same men who had stolen the money!

Magnitsky died in jail after being beaten by truncheons and shipped from prison to prison while in serious pain and physical maladies. Eventually, he died. As the report posed: “why does the Russian state, and at such high level, try so hard to cover up this crime?” The answer is simple- the criminals do  not want to go to jail!