Putin Critics Seek To Destroy Russian Democracy!

Thank God the people of Russia have Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as their beloved leader. Thank God the people of Russia have a leader who has God on his side. Putin controls the police, the armed forces, the televison stations, numerouse newspapers and magazines, the secret police, and most members of the clergy.  But, there are those who oppose this wonderful man whose only thought it doing what is best for HIS people. There are saboteurs seeking to overthrow the Putin democracy and prevent a fair voting in the upcoming election for president.

The entire problem originates with the idea that opposition forces have this weird idea that someone else besides Putin should win the election! Accoring to Putin: “our opposition are preparing some kind of mechanisms that would confirm that the elections were falsified. They will stuff(ballot boxes).” Huh??

Putin’s people will do the counting. Putin’s police will supervise the election process. So, who are these people able to falsify the election? How will they do it? It is estimated about 500,000  electoral observers will be needed to ensure there is a fair election. And, even then,…..