Putin Defies Democracy

Vladimir Putin has decided to crown himself the latest form of being a czar in the land of Russia. He is a rather clever version of an absolute ruler. Instead of concentration camps or gulags, or murdering those who dare oppose him, the new Supreme Ruler simply puts them on trial for whatever reason that enters his head and the conviction rate is over 95%. Let them rot in a prison far far away in the blessed land of Russia. Alexei Navalny has been operating a blog for years which challenges the petty dictatorship which now exists in Russia. He has indicated a run for the presidency in the future and in the immediate period might run for Parliament. So, what do do with this impertinent man?

He is currently on trial for the crime of stealing timber  from a state owned company in 2009. For some strange reason it took four years for someone to discover that Alexei spent his time stealing timber. He WILL be convicted but he will not be executed. He will spend the next five or six years rotting in jail. Such is Democracy in Putin Land.