Putin Does Not Like Lists-At Least Some Lists

President Vladimir Putin enjoys making lists of anyone in his nation who dares to challenge his right to  decide what to say or when to say anything. Thus, he is  very upset because the United States government has developed a list of Russian officials who are responsible for the death of innocent people. The “Magnitsky Act” was passed by Congress to protest the murder of a lawyer in Russia who was working to uncover corruption in that blessed land. The State Department now has a list of Russian officials whose presence in this nation is not allowed. These people have their bank accounts frozen and are denied visas.

The Russian government made clear “the appearance of some lists will unquestionably have a negative immpact on US-Russian bilateral relations.” We assume the Russian government will develop a list of undesirable Americans who     spend their time fighting for human rights. Fair enough trade off-thug lists for democracy lover lists.