Putin: Don’t Hold Your Breath!

Prime Minister Putin spent four hours responding to questions from all over the nation that were asked by people from every background. He was attempting to demonstrate his vast knowledge of both domestic and foreign affairs. Of course, it helps somewhat if you were given the questions to be asked before they were posed. But, then again, Putin is a man for all seasons.

Among the questions posed as whether he would take another shot at being president since he stepped down in 2008 after eight years in office. He smiled, and made clear that he enjoys being the top dog in a country. A viewer asked him if he wanted more time with family, and the prime minister told him “don’t hold your breath” if you are wondering how long it would take him to consider retiring.

Let’s face it, Putin is a man who loves power, will fight for power, and poor President Medvedev had better watch out because he will soon be replaced by the man who wants to be number one, today, yesterday and tomorrow.