Putin For Human Rights!

Vladimir Putin has supported with words and weapons the brutal regime of President Assad in Syria on grounds that it is OK to blast away at civilians if you must in order to retain power. When urged to restrain the murder of thousands in Syria, the Russian leader throws his hands up claiming that it is not his responsibility what other leaders do or do not do. In his own nation, there are dozens of innocent civilians locked up in prisons throughout Russia on grounds they did not do what they were told to do by the Supreme Ruler of the land. People have died in his prisons, many beaten to death and not a word of complaint from Vladimir. His usual comment is that if you die in his jail, it is because you beat yourself up.

Terrorists blew themselves up and killed dozens of innocent Russian people. The people of Chechnya hate Russia for its brutal policies which led to the death of hundreds of thousands in their war torn land. Putin rushed to Volgograd, the scene of suicide bombing and told victims. “Whatever motivated the criminals’ actions, there is no justification for committing crimes against civilians.!”

How can anyone respond to this comment without bursting into laughter??