Putin For Human Rights!!

I recognize that people in decadent western lands do not recognize that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the world’s leading believer in human rights. In fact, he is so anxious to spread the benefits of human rights that he increased the size of his nation’s Human Rights council from 40 to 62. Since some of the current crew will remain this means, by accident, there are actually some on the Human Rights council who support the ideas of human rights.

Our Beloved Leader, Vladimir Putin, will shortly transform a human rights council into one that strongly adheres to a policy of protecting the human rights of those who oppress dissidents in Russia. How can there be peace and love of Putin if troublemakers are allowed to spread their incorrect ideas of human rights. We need a 100% unity in belief in human rights.

I hope the Russian people are saved from societies in which people are allowed to spread whatever ideas they advocate and disrupt sound thinking on the part of Russian citizens. The best way to protect human rights is having a body in place composed of like thinking human rights believers who will ensure human rights is accepted by all people.