Putin Gift Giver Extraordinaire

People of Russia understand their great leader, Vladimir Putin, is a man whose heart is open to one and all. His only concern is for his fellow humans. In fact, he is so concerned that when the G20 summit meeting was held in his fair country, he gave delegates wonderful gifts ranging from teddy bears to USB thumb drives. Putin really cares about those invited to his home. He wanted to make certain the delegates were safe from harm so he had his personal security folk listen in to delegate conversations via bugs in his gifts. I realize those in the evil west who bug one another can not understand that Vladimir only listens in in order to be available if someone is threatened with harm. Some Italian newspaper is now claimming that he bugged the delegates. How dare they insult our beloved leader!

A spokesperson for the Great Leader made clear what was going on. This is nothing but an attempt to shift the focus from issues that truly exist in relations between European capitals and Washington to unsubstantiated, non existant issues.

There are reports that Senator Ted Cruz will blame this bugging on President Obama, the one and always villain.