Putin Greeted Nakedly

President Vladimir Putin is currently visiting Germany and upon his arrival in Berlin the Great Leader of Russia was greeted with an open and naked welcome from some gorgeous females who offered him a bare-breasted, arms up raised, and boobies at alert. Naked from the waist up, the females offered Putin a warm “fuck the dictator” comment that can not be uttered without penalty in Putinland. Vladimir smiled and commented “I don’t see anything terrible about it” but his bodyguards grabbed the females, threw coats over their bodies and hauled them away. His spokesperson later made clear “this is ordinary hooliganism. One needs to punish them.”

Chancellor Merkel clashed with Putin over his crackdown on NGOs whom he accuses of being “foreign agents.” Yes, these foreign agents want the people of Russia to enjoy a democratic society. They argued over Syria since when it comes to dictators there is no better friend than Vladimir Putin. Oh, they did agree that North Korea was sort of going somewhat nutty.