Putin Growls At Pussies

Vladimir Putin spent his  life as part of the KGB and learned lessons of oppression and brutality. He also learned the best way to handle those who oppose “the government” was to send them to prison or to a hospital. After all, if anyone does not like Vladimir, they must be sick. He is now infuriated at actions of the punk rock band, Pussy Riot, because they enjoy mocking those in authority. Once anyone can meow it sets the stage for a growl.

Members of the Pussy Riot band put on a performance in the Christ the Savior Cathedral which Putin regards as mocking religion. Of course, when he was in the KGB, the enemy was the church. I guess it depends on who is in “the government” determines who  gets thrown in jail.

Reports indicate Pussy Riot band members might receive a seven year sentence. Rape also is a seven year sentence. I assume Putin who rapes the people of Russia wants to make certain those who rape him by opposing the government also get a seven year term.