Putin Hears Voices Of Dissent In Distance

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian people endured years of chaos as plutocrats seized control over vast areas of the economy. Pensions were devastated and the old days of free medical care under communism ended as well as inexpensive rents and education for children. Out of the void, same Superputin, friend of former KGB associates whose goal was stability at the cost of freedom of speech, press, and political life. In the ensuing years any sign of protest invariably resulted in being hauled off to the nearest police station and a fine, if one was lucky. If one was not lucky, the result might be a bullet in the head, courtesy of your friendly hit man whose boss might be anyone of several people including government officials.

In the wake of an economic downturn, thousands are now protesting in the streets of Russia which makes difficult rounding up ordinary citizens who want answers to their complaints. One can only wonder if this anger might eventually be translated into formation of political parties which can encompass millions who want an economically strong Russia together with a democratic society.