Putin Hints At 2008 Surprise

President Putin addressing his political party, United Russia, at their congress, indicated he might be receptive to the idea of becoming prime minister after he steps down as president next year. “Heading the government is a realistic idea, but it is too early to think about this now.” He said before making such a decision he would have to know there was a president who is an “orderly, capable, and effective person.” Of course, last month he made an old friend, Zubkov, the prime minister, a man who fits the qualifications Putin is desiring in a president.

In other words, Putin wants a front man serving as president who will obey the ringmaster, Vladmir Putin. Putin will never achieve greatness because he lacks understand of his nation’s need for leaders who can step down from power and entrust others with that responsibility. Power dominates Putin’s mind and he will not surrender it, even if it means circumventing the Russian constitution.