Putin Is For Peace And Love With All!

I understand there are people in the world who do not believe that Vladimir Putin is a man of peace and love. I have been told the American president and Secretary of State actually do not believe that President Putin has held back from sending Russian troops into the Crimea despite the threat to the lives of Russians living in that area. I gather there are some men dressed in some sort of uniform who speak Russian and carry weapons in the Crimea, but they are simply concerned citizens of Russia who seek to protect the innocent from bandits and criminals. In fact, President Putin has assured the people of Ukraine that he “will not go to war with the Ukranian people.” See, he even said this publicly which proves, beyond a shadow of doubt that he is a man of peace. The wonder of the world is how come this man has not been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!!

President Obama has been working with Secretary of State John Kerry to organize a world wide boycott of Russia unless it withdraws from the Crimea and ceases to threaten the people of Ukraine. Kerry almost burst out in laughter when told that Putin denies the presence of Russian soldiers in the Crimea. “Did he really deny the presence of troops in the Crimea?” I find it shocking that Kerry has charged the Man Of Peace with being a man of war. Next, I expect Kerry to charge that Putin is a gay man.

How to defuse the Ukrainian situation?

1. Award Vladimir Putin the Nobel Peace Prize.

2. Return former President Yanukovych to power.

3. Allow Russia to host the 2016 Olympic Games with Putin the Grand Marshall

See how easy peace is?