Putin Is Putin, Power Is His Name!

Vladmir Putin once served in the secret police of the Soviet Union so when it comes to issues of democracy, he brings to the subject great experience in how to crush it. After two terms as president of Russia he allowed Dimitry Medvedev to pretend being president of the country for a few years so the charade of democracy could be presented to the world. To be polite, Medvdev has displayed the backbone of a chocolate eclair when it came to issues of social justice and democratic elections in Russia.

Putin will run. Someone else will run against him. Putin will win. The other guy will complain about an unfair election. Putin will charge his opponent with being a sore loser. Putin always wins. The modern version of the Potemkin Village –an artificial village built to confuse visitors into believing life was great in Russia–will once again be on display in the upcoming “election.”